A selection of acryic works on canvas, featuring differing subjects.  Click on the thumbnails for a larger view

Some morerecent works from my collection

Evening in the Woods - SOLD
Old Barns, Brough

Acrylic on canvas, unframed 7 x 5"   £190

Summer marshes, Derbyshire - SOLD

This is a view up to the Ecton copper mine, near Warslow.  A very boggy field full of wild flowers including buttercups and the increasingly scarceragged robin.

Sheep, Foolow

Acrylic on framed canvas, 8 x 8" £240

A very frosty and cold day, I stopped on my way to work and took a series of photographs.  I might have made myself late, but it turned out to be a useful distraction.


Winter Sunlight, Ladybower

Acrylic on Canvas, Framed 12 x 12"   £260

Goddard's Quarry, Stoney Middleton

Acrylic on canvas   NFS

A very cool day above the old quarries, this was my favourite place to wander when I lived nearby, I would find myself sketching and painting the view many times.